I’m Dan Griffiths, and I live in a beautiful coastal town in Wales with my better half, Emma, and our crazy Shih-Tzu, Tinkerbell. We’ve really got it all here – mountains, the sea, and everything in between. The sheer abundance of naturally sourced ingredients is why I’ve taken it upon myself to try to incorporate wild food into my lifestyle. I love to cook, and love the idea of foraging. But, despite reading up extensively on the subject, I’ve only really eaten a few foraged finds. That’s all about to change…

When I was younger, my Grandma used to encourage me to learn about nature. I remember eating puffballs on walks out in the woods, eating flowers from the garden, and, of course, blackberry picking during the summer. At the time, I only saw these as a novelty. But as it turns out, foraging is an incredibly sustainable way of feeding oneself.

As far as goals go, I’m aiming to up my foraging game and get out as often as possible to gather some wild goodies. They’ll be mainly used as additions to locally sourced produce, but the end-goal is to rustle up a feast comprised of entirely foraged ingredients at least once a week.

The dream is to own a small cottage by the sea, and be completely self-sustained – or more realistically – as self-sustained as possible. Just imagine… an Aga powered by driftwood collected from the beach for heat and cooking, food foraged as much as possible, a garden to grow vegetables and herbs, solar panels for electricity, a nearby stream for water… ah, one can wonder. Until then, all preparing and cooking will be done in our cosy flat overlooking the stunning Mawddach estuary.

Follow me on my adventures as I search high and low for wild finds, and turn them into something remarkably tasty for a Nearly-Free Lunch!


(Disclaimer: All images are sourced from Pixabay.com, and are free to use. I’m aiming to replace all current images with my own)