Dog Whelks and Gutweed on Toast

This simple yet delightful taste of the sea, all slathered on hot buttered toast is enough to warm the cockles of anybody on their return from a bit of coastal foraging. Feel free to replace the dog whelks with other gastropod molluscs such as winkles or periwinkles.

Serves 1 – multiply the ingredients by the number of diners


15-20 freshly plucked Dog Whelks

A large handful of Gutweed

2 slices of your favourite bread

Large knob of butter

A dash of lemon juice


Set a pan of water on to boil, then rinse the gutweed to ensure any sand is removed. Place the dog whelks into the boiling water, then carefully remove after 8-10 minutes, setting them aside.

Once the dog whelks have cooled down enough to handle, take a toothpick (or similar) and remove them from their shells.

The thin, hard covers can be carefully removed with a knife, but this isn’t essential as they will be blended.

Put 2 slices of bread into the toaster or under the grill, then place the rinsed gutweed and dog whelk meat into a blender, and blend until they become a rough paste.

Once the bread is toasted, lavish with a thick layer of butter, then spread thickly with the dog whelk & gutweed paste.

Squeeze over some lemon juice to taste, then tuck in and enjoy!

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