Marsh Samphire and Poached Eggs

There’s nothing more delightful than the simplicity of softly poached eggs served upon a plate full of freshly picked steaming marsh samphire. This relatively easy but effective recipe for one will have you eager to get out onto your nearest salt marsh…

Simply multiply the ingredients by the number of guests

Ingredients – Serves 1

150g sprigs of young marsh samphire

A small knob of butter

Black pepper, to taste

2 Free-range eggs


Put a suitably sized pan of water on to boil. If you haven’t already washed your marsh samphire, quickly run the sprigs under the cold tap while the water is boiling.

Toss the marsh samphire into the boiling water for a few minutes – not too long – then remove them with a slotted spoon, placing them onto your serving plate after draining well. Add a small knob of butter to melt over the succulent shrubs.

In the same pan of boiling water, crack in two free-range eggs. Give the water a stir with a spoon, turn the heat down and wait for the egg whites to firm up.

Carefully remove the eggs, taking special care not to crack the yolks, and serve them on top the marsh samphire.

Season well with cracked black pepper, tuck in, and enjoy!


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